Vimkop has built a substantial network, distributing a variety of product groups to all of Bosnia and Herzegovina’s leading hypermarkets and retail chains.

A pro-active approach ensures brands represented a first-class introduction with these prominent retailers. Vimkop strives for the best possible products presentation and visual merchandising and to maximise sales by a combination of prominent shelf space and in-store promotion.

At the time being, we distribute 20 well known and quality brands but during our existence we have distributed over 50 different brands, including Wella, Alkaloid and many others.

  • Hair & Cosmetics
  • Style & Fashion
  • Confectionery
  • Foods & Beverages

Brands in distribution

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Foods & Beverages
Hair & Cosmetics
Style & Fashion
  • Relkon: Our creations make children happy
  • Lolliboni: Lollipops and croissants
  • Licensed textile products for children
  • Dolci: Children's favourite characters
  • Look-O-Look: Making yourself and others happy
  • The Marshmallow Castle: Finest marshmallow and jellies
  • Celjske mesnine: Meat products since 1899
  • Accasă: Cookies are made with love & finest ingredients
  • Simonini: Traditional cured meats, since 1927
  • Whatever Brands foods & drinks
  • Drink & Play 300ml flavoured drinks
  • Dry instant yeast
  • Lorenay: Toiletries and fragrances for children
  • RMS: Amazing, fun and exciting products
  • Nuvaria: A kind of magic
  • Premium brands for children
  • Verona: Product professionals
  • Florinda: Vegetable soaps in 180 scents
  • WorldCart tissues
  • Venita: Washable sprays and colouring powders
  • Megaplast: Italian first aid products
  • Eurosirel: All-Italian quality
  • Firefly: Good, clean, fun
  • EuroStil, consumer hair care tools
  • Professional hair care tools and products
  • Professional: The specialists' brand
  • Ro: Romantic, vigorous, glamorous, provocative…
  • Aquarius Cosmetic: Cosmetical products
  • Zebra matches