Professional hair care tools and products have been a primary line of business for Vimkop from the very start of our business.

Brands in Hair & Cosmetics Category

  • Lorenay: Toiletries and fragrances for children
  • Nuvaria: A kind of magic
  • Ro: Romantic, vigorous, glamorous, provocative…
  • Aquarius Cosmetic: Cosmetical products
  • Premium brands for children
  • Firefly: Good, clean, fun
  • WorldCart tissues
  • EuroStil, consumer hair care tools
  • Professional: The specialists' brand
  • Professional hair care tools and products
  • Alfaparf Milano: Not just simple hair products
  • Verona: Product professionals
  • Venita: Washable sprays and colouring powders
  • Megaplast: Italian first aid products
  • Eurosirel: All-Italian quality
  • Florinda: Vegetable soaps in 180 scents